My Journey

My Journey

In 2002, hanging on to dear life by IVs and oxygen tubes and pierced with pain medication, I had my last rites read to me three times in the Redwood City, CA ICU.  Near death happened after a routine surgery went terribly wrong.

Scar tissue from previous surgeries was impeding my bowel.  Medical doctors recommended a solution in the form of removing a portion of my intestine!

This next surgery was tragic. The sutures did not keep, and my insides infected my entire system. I became poisoned with peritonitis; my lungs began to fill with fluids and my vitals started to drop.

While I was in ICU teetering in critical condition between life and death, there was an angel in Earth form who came to my bedside. She bent over and softly, yet intensely whispered to ask if I wanted to live.

My answer to her was “Yes.” I did want to live.

My will to survive led to achieving a miraculous recovery. This process awakened a passion and an insatiable desire towards natural healing and conscious living.  After many modality certifications and years of practice in holistic health, I now work as a personal coach and public educator and energy healer specializing in emotional wellness.

Helping others attain a healthy, balanced, fulfilling, creative life is my dedication.  Our body is designed to heal given the proper environment. My holistic style of coaching is highly intuitive and aimed at empowering your connection to your Divine Healing Compass. No matter who you are and where you’re on your wellness journey, I encourage you to reach out to me to see how I might assist you in becoming free from that which is hindering your health and happiness.

All my best,

Carolyn Marie