Forward Expression In Movement!

When you move your body, you elevate more than just your heart rate; you lift your mood and boost energy level too. You become more playful and alive! And with your heightened spirit, your inner power grows also. This force, which you always possess, will allow you to consciously manifest your dreams into existence.
Make time to dance! Turn on some music and begin swaying, letting yourself express spontaneously with every physical movements. If you’re shy about your body, then try it alone–but with practice, your enthusiasm for the healing effects of this art form will become something that you’ll want to share with others. This is the reason why so many ancient cultures have revered this activity as a sacred custom central to their spirituality.
Dancing helps you to regain a connection with your Divine Physical Essence. Your body is an extension of your being and it’s important to honor it with your awareness. Your movements bring your consciousness forward in a healthy and pleasant way. You’ll learn that your grace, beauty, and elegance are qualities that the Creator has endowed with you long before. Recapturing the knowledge of these gifts will help you shine even more brightly!
Let’s dance!
“I dance to the music both in my head and in my environment.  I allow myself to sway in time with heard and unheard rhythms, and I express myself with my entire being.  I give myself permission to feel joy in my body!”

Satisfying A Sweet Tooth!

Who says healthy snacks have to taste “healthy”? We’ve made peace with our taste buds by whipping up a delectable snack that’s perfect for a heavenly weekend–a refreshing reward for the healthy mouth!

Check out Carolyn’s recipe for this decadent treat below. It contains Durian, which is known as the ”King of Fruits”–loaded with minerals, vitamins, and rich in sulphur, it is highly beneficial to hair, nails, and skin!

Creamy Cacao Smoothie


  • 8oz Coconut Water
  • 2 1/2 cup Durian
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 cup Ice
  • 2 tbs Raw Cacao
  • 1/2 tsp Cacao Nibs

Combine ingredients into a blender to mix until smooth and creamy. Sprinkle on cacao nibs and enjoy!

Combat Autoimmune Fatigue Naturally

It’s 2013 and the world is spinning faster than ever. Sometimes it feels so out of control you just have to ask, “Can we please stop this ride? I wanna get off.”

It’s important to honor your emotions and allow them to flow especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. They’re surfacing for a reason. They are a barometer for your becoming aware of your internal blockages and when something is not aligned. When you hold back your emotions, they manifest physically and you tense up, which is damaging for your overall health and wellness. It can be especially detrimental when you unknowingly trigger and lash-out towards another.  This behavior is often rooted in what you choose not to feel.

When you are upset and are holding in your emotions your digestive tract, otherwise known as the gut, can become disturbed too. Most of us can recognize the occasional emotional impulses and the gurgling of the gut that follows. This is a powerful clue that we need to go deeper.

While the occasional upset may not show up immediately in the physical body, long term unprocessed emotional stress commonly leads to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can cause leaky gut syndrome and a myriad of other conditions contributing to autoimmune disease. So, knowing how to allow yourself to intentionally feel into your anger, fear and grief without letting these emotions overtake you is not only beneficial, but essential to your health.

You may ask, “How do I manage my emotions and my life? How do I work in the flow of nature and still keep up with technology and modern structure?” Don’t worry! With proper guidance, it is possible for you to find this balance.

I have crafted a myriad of tools that can help you live a more balanced and peaceful life. Balance is key! But, while emotional processing is absolutely necessary, it does take time and requires personal attention. Fortunately, there are some earthly gifts that you can put into use immediately to help you achieve equilibrium. Below are my top suggestions for fending fatigue, a common sign of emotional response. These natural remedies are powerful and don’t come with the side effects that often accompany pharmaceuticals.

Combat fatigue by adding these three healthy items into your diet:

  1. Cordyceps mushroom: Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom that not only increases energy and stamina but is also known to increase physical performance as well. This mushroom has an added benefit of promoting the body’s natural killer cells to help ward off bacteria and viruses to strengthen the immune system.
  2. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is an East Indian herb that helps to ease tension and fatigue while increasing concentration. This herb is known to boost overall endurance as well. Ashwagandha can also assist with processing stress rather than just masking it, which is why it is my pick for helping to delve into emotional release work.
  3. Ginseng: Ginseng has long been used in Chinese medicine, and for good reasons. It can boost immune system health, energy and cognitive alertness. It also lowers cholesterol, increases male libido, and eases menstrual cramp. Ginseng tea is widely used for these benefits and other contributions to health. It’s no wonder Ginseng tea is so popular!

All three of these recommendations can be brewed as teas, made into tinctures, or blended into beverages.

Wishing you all abundant health and happy living!

- Carolyn Marie

Seven Ways to Use Your Aloe

Carolyn’s healthy backyard aloe

1) Like a moisturizer. Whether you are acne-prone, suffer from dryness, more serious skin conditions like psoriasis or seborrhoea dermatitis or just after an effective oil-free moisturizer, give Aloe a go. It is a natural humectant, so it increases water retention in the skin, and helps calm irritation and inflammation by feeding your skin vital nutrients, antioxidant…s and enzymes.

2) As a laxative. Because it contains barbaloin, a solid fibrous compound, it is very effective at causing your bowel muscles to contract. It is never recommended to become reliant on laxatives, since you can develop lazy bowel syndrome, but rather for a period of 5-10 days as treatment.

3) For healthy hair. Aloe vera can be found in some of the best shampoos and conditioners, which aren’t silicone-based. So why not apply it directly to your hair to control frizz? The slightly acidic pH of Aloe gel will even help to seal the hair cuticle. If you ever experience an itchy or dry scalp, do apply the gel directly to your head too!

4) On burns and wounds. Aloe vera has a lovely soothing and cooling effect, so it is often the main ingredient in creams for treating minor skin infections. It is well known for its anti-microbial and anti fungal properties to keep wounds clean.

5) As a shaving gel. Traditional shaving creams contain a plethora of synthetic additives, carcinogens, contaminants and other stuff. Aloe vera is anti inflammatory, so its kind to skin, has a slippery gel texture, so it’s ideal for a close shave and contains 99% water, so it will even leave your legs, face or under arms hydrated.

6) For a face mask. Combine Aloe gel with a little cinnamon (a little!), high raw honey and oats for a nice refreshing and taught mask. The oats are slightly course too, so when you wash the mask off, it acts like a natural scrub at the same time.

7) For digestion and immunity. Aloe contains acemanna, a powerful stimulant to the immune system. Experts from the Moores Cancer Centre at the University of California found that Aloe vera helps the immune system by attacking abnormal cells during cancer treatments. This also helps assist digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your diet.

Fun Fact:
It is believed that Aloe vera was Cleopatra’s beauty secret; she used it as a skin balm to keep herself young-looking.

What to Know About GMO

In this, the age of instant coffee creamer, microwave dinners, and so-called “happy meals”, it seems easier than ever to remain disconnected from the truth that what we put into our bodies can have long-term effects on our health.

Still, the rhetoric is slowly shifting now that Proposition 37, California’s 2012 ballot initiative which would have required the mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms, has necessarily ushered the dialogue into the national arena. Though the measure was reportedly defeated by a relatively small margin, now is the greatest opportunity for education.

The hotly debated Prop 37 sparked a long-overdue and far-reaching conversation on the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods and, for that matter, on the blind trust many Americans seem to place in the multi-billion dollar biotechnology industry that supplies those foods, as well as the federal government whose shoddy lack of industry oversight means that every day more and more people develop life-threatening conditions or chronic illness. In short, where the government has failed to protect the people with clear regulation and accountability of biotech corporations, some of those concerned people are now taking matters into their own hands by helping to share the truth about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Sometimes referred to as “Frankenfoods”, GMOs are living organisms, patented and patent-protected by the very biotechnology companies that “create” them. In a process that is both unethical and imprecise, the DNA of one species is extracted and forced into the DNA of another, unrelated life-form- sometimes animals and sometimes crops. Animals such as salmon are genetically altered to be larger and grow faster, which can mean any number of eventual health complications for the animal, not to mention for the person who later eats that animal. Crops like soy, corn and canola are genetically altered either to be more resistant to particular brand of pesticide/herbicide manufactured by that same biotech company, resulting in the increased use of chemicals on the crop (and increased sales profits for the company), or they are manipulated to biologically produce the pesticide themselves, meaning that once ingested, the pesticide bacteria break open the stomach of any insect that bites the plant, killing it.

According to Jeffrey Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology, two recent studies – one on mice and one on pregnant women – indicate that the very same deadly process may already be at work inside the stomachs of millions of unwitting consumers and even the still-forming brains and bodies of unborn children. This, he says, could account for the steady increase in diagnosed (and undiagnosed) digestive disorders throughout the United States. Likewise, a surge in reported cases of food allergies, autoimmune diseases, infertility, autism and even cancer may also be related to the consumption of GM foods.

For these reasons, it is HealingNRG’s position that all consumers have a right to know what is in the food they feed themselves and their families, because education means better choices for healthier living. To learn more, please visit:

- by Angela M. Doss

Earth Energies

Energies of the earth are changing! So called ‘experts’ have been speaking of this for centuries. What makes now so different?

Well folks, what makes now so different is that we have solar (flares) and planetary alignments, an end of a 2000 year zodiac positioning and the Mayan calendar.

The zodiac positioning that is changing is Pisces. We’re all familiar w/the sixties song THE AGE OF AQUARIUS by The Fifth Dimension!! The Age of Aquarius means the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of another. In the same manner individuals are born under different astrological signs, astrologers view different historical periods as being dominated by the influence of particular signs. For the past several thousand years, earth has been passing through a period known as Pisces (the Age of Pisces). This succession of ages is based on a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. The Age of Aquarius is one of 12 successive 2150-year periods, each of which corresponds with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Just take a look at the earth’s long term history. It’s unwise to expect things to stay the same. Everything is in motion constantly. As well, should we be in order to maximize the opportunities we have available to us during these changing times!!

This is not the end of the world. This is the beginning of something extraordinary. This beauty can only be if we take head and make changes. We must make changes within ourselves first. Of course that is where we start. As we begin working on improving our individual soul condition we effect the collective. We also become more in tune with the planetary changes and are guided into areas that will prosper as these earth changes continue and they will continue.

Peace and Love,

Carolyn Marie

Fall Class Starts Oct. 10

Fall Class Starts October 10th - Sign Up Today!

Turbo Sonic

Turbo Sonic is a whole body system that uses sound vibration technology

New Moon of Taurus and BEYONder!

Learn how the energies of the moon and specifically the new moon of Taurus can enhance your life… Beyonder Revolution, a master of energy, talks about how opening your mind to the possibilites! Beyonder is visually able to move objects with his hands through telekinesis and much more.


Three Event Wrap Up

Carolyn Marie’s take on David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos Conference in Hawaii, the Mega Conference w/the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Long Beach and The Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, California!


Dolphin Encounters in Hawaii!

This morning I had a beautiful snorkel/dive w/hundreds of colorful fish and sea turtles. The abundance of sea life that seemed to have come out to just say hi was amazing. As I lifted myself back onto the rocks & took off my mask, a local asked me how the visibility was. After I responded, he asked if I swam w/the dolphins. I didn’t drive to the bay where on occasion I’ve been blessed to swim w/these magical creatures and told him so. He turned my head and said ‘look’!!!

There they were, twenty or more dolphin playing in the distance. I jumped back in and had the most joyful encounter w/these creatures for about an hour and a half ~ Truly magical. They swam beside me, around me, under me. Playful turning, spinning, jumping, singing… Indescribable really.. Feeling Blessed!! ♥

Women’s Wellness Conference

Carolyn Marie

The weekend before last, I had the privilege of attending The Women’s Wellness Conference in Costa Mesa, California.  This conference was right up my ally with discussions on latest advancements in:

  • Hormone Balance
  • Weight Management and Metabolic Function
  • Skin Care and Anti-Aging
  • Brain and Mood Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Cancer-Fighting Strategies
  • Immune Boosting
David Wolfe gave powerful talks going into depth on the healing power of medicinal mushrooms, herbalism and hormone health.
Truth Caulkins spoke about the importance of cleansing the liver and purifying the blood and how Ron Tegarden’s book on Schisandra will change our outlook and invoke respect for the power of this herb.
A favorite moment of mine is when Dr. Sangeeta Pati MD (FACOG  President & Medical Director of the SaJune Institute for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine) mentioned the number of medical schools in the country and then asked the crowd how many of those schools taught nutrition.  The answer, of course, is none!!!
Just think about that for a moment.
The entire weekend was full of information provided by a panel of experts on women’s health.  It was empowering, educational, and entertaining.
Stay tuned for an opportunity for you to listen to these talks in the comfort of your own home.  Although this event was not streamed live, a DVD package should be available soon.  I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.


In health!


Carolyn’s trip to Cairo: Part 2

Hi all!  Heath here again.  Carolyn sent a video for us to enjoy.  An interview with Dr. John Jimenez while on excursion.  Enjoy and more pics later!!

Carolyn’s trip to Cairo: Part 1

Hello there!  Heath Doolin, Carolyn’s resident webmonkey filling in for her as she was in Cairo recently and put together a interesting collage of pics for you to see.  She will be filling in more details later after she returns but for now, you can see some lovely pics of her adventures.  More later!


Click below to view the pics!

Carolyn presents her NEW E-BOOK: Dying to Be Well


Carolyn is proud to present her own story in prose “DYING TO BE WELL – My Journey with Western Medicine – a Hard Pill to Swallow“.  In it, Carolyn tells her story of her life and the complications that nearly ended it and finally the spiritual and health revelations she experienced to bring her full circle.  A fascinating study of today’s medical industry as seen through the eyes of someone who is both a survivor of the modern medical complex and studier of alternative therapies.  Order today by clicking below!


Mark Eisenhart Heals


Healing Cancer World Summit


Click here to register for this FREE Informative five night

Carolyn to appear tomorrow at the International Day of Juice Feasting

Carolyn will be appearing tomorrow on Sunday,  September 18 at the International Day of Juice Feasting. Carolyn will be speaking and promoting her NEW BOOK!

Getting Juicy At Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont in LA!

Screenwriter, Actor, Director, Friend and Psychic, David Tillman and I enjoy an amazing meal at Cafe Gratitude in LA.  Our talk gets juicy as we discuss the health benefits of raw food and juicing!  We talk about the upcoming International Day of Juice Feasting and David’s new movie LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!!

View here:

Japan Humanitarian Effort, Energy Healing, Egypt & Israel

Head to The Enchanted Lands ~ The Holy Lands!!!


11–11–11 Sacred Egypt & Israel



What Do I Feed My Dogs?

Did you Like Coco Puffs as a Kid?

I know I did!  We have a healthier alternative for you and your kids to enjoy.  It's called CACAO CRUNCH and it's delicious! 

Supercharged with the strength boosting properties of maca root, enriched with mineral-dense mesquite pod powder and vitalized with astragalus root and reishi mushroom, this lively combo will propel you into crunchy chocolate paradise.

It's gluten free, vegan, nut free, organic and raw… but besides that it tastes fantastic!! If you can't find it in your local health food store, ask them to order it.  You can also order it online at living intentions..

Let us know what you think!




Guardians of The Garden

We're sharing the beauty that's available in a garden by showing the connection we're making in our small way.  We'd love to hear what your doing!!

Slugs in Your Garden? No Problem! Just Get Em Drunk!!

Seriously!  The best, and most natural way, to combat slugs in the garden is to get them drunk.  Take a can of beer, pour it into a bowl and set it outside in the problem area at night.  Check in the morning.

You’ll be surprised at what you find.  I put a bowl in the front courtyard and one in the backyard near my berries!   The bowl in the backyard is filled with a slug city, so I know it works (as you can see from this picture)…

Give it a try and share with us your experiences

All the best!

Meet PSYCHIC DAVE plus GREAT Article from my friend Sheevaun Moran titled HOW RADIATION MAY ACTUALLY HELP YOU!

Pay close attention to the tips Psychic Dave Shares in this video and then take a look at this GREAT article from my friend Sheevaun Moran!!



Well I’m sure you think I’m saying that radiation is good. In a way it is. What I am saying is that there’s something to be gotten from this situation occurring in Japan regarding the radiation.

The good I’m talking about is maybe, because of the Nuclear plant issues and its leaking, we’ll wake up a bit more. Meaning that we’ll take some awareness of what is happening and take some inner and outer actions. We want to begin to pay attention to our energy fields. By energy fields I mean our own personal energy fields. Those fields that some call the aura and the chakras. Those energy fields are the very fields that allow anything to occur in our body and on this planet.

You see, every single being on the planet has an energy field. That energy field gets filled with our thoughts and our vibrations. Each thought and vibration that remains in our energy field then spreads outwardly and others can pick it up and can resonate with it. The energy of radiation is just the same and the more we worry about it the more we are subject to it.

Within those fields are smaller energy fields that are transmitters. These smaller fields/chakras also get filled with our thoughts and vibrations, which become Each of these transmitters put out a signal to the earth and to all the other energy fields, and humans, on the planet.

Every time one person is afraid that fear can become like a virus and infect others. Enough of these fears activated by more and more people means that the transmission gets louder and received by more people. This in turn affects the aura and if the aura is weaker to start off with then there will be more of an impact than if it is stronger.

When one person has a fear about the contamination of their system this is like a virus. Fear of radiation can become a virus. We all have 10 trillion active viruses in our system. The only time the viruses become overactive is when our beliefs and fears become more resonant to the fears and negativity than when the body and cells are vibrating at a fast and healthy rate that can repel those fears.

By:  Sheevaun Moran of Energetic Solutions


What’s Really Happening On Planet Earth?

Earthquakes, Tsunami's, floods, weather changes, the recent catastrophe in Japan, K-Fitz talks about what it all means. We invite you to embrace Gaia (Mother Earth) with us as we adventure into the Healing Land of Costa Rica!


Crannounce1 Click on the link above for details!

Solar Flares, Tsunamis & Conscious Awakening

By:  Stephanie Leon

There are reports of birds falling from the sky, fish mysteriously floating lifeless in the marina, and larger-than-life shark migrations in Florida.  We have just experienced a two day early sun emergence in Greenland, colder than normal weather, volcanic eruptions such as those in Hawaii, Russia, Kamchatka and Indonesia and mega-earthquake activity such as the 8.9 earthquake that has struck Japan.  All these are very bizarre and mind-boggling as they continue to occur in what seems to be simultaneous momentum.

Earth hands

Could all these events be related?  

The scientific and higher-conscious living communities seem to think so.  We have quite a bit going on around us right now and much of it is said to be related to the increased reports of magnetic polar shifts, the Sun’s solar flares that are occurring and the resulting magnetic activity that is causing quite a bit of chaos amongst us.   These events cause magnetic fields to enter into the Earth’s magnetosphere triggering geomagnetic storms.  

What does this mean to us?

Well, it’s more than just being inconvenienced as our TVs seem to experience mild interruption, or our internet and GPS systems just won’t cooperate with us; so much more is occurring!  You may even have noticed that you are feeling a bit more exhausted lately.  We have our own magnetic centers within our bodies and the magnetic disturbances are throwing us off, possibly creating an unexplained “anxiousness” or even feelings of nausea to come over us.   

There is an obvious shift occurring right now.  Higher levels of consciousness are at this time being awakened within us.  This awakening is allowing our higher-consciousness to be heard; it is giving us the energy to make necessary changes in our world for humanity’s greater good.  Those who are ready will heed to the calling creating a world-wide transition.  That which is unawakened is being prodded and pushed and slammed awake.   The calling is now!

Now what?

As we go through the Sun Flare Cycle 2011- 2013 we will have to make adjustments in how we live.  It’s an opportunity to embrace.  We will be forced to explore alternative energy resources which should open us up to many forms of Free Natural Energy.  Many of us know that this is long overdue.  Mother Nature has taken her parental stand – Enough is Enough!  It’s time to wake up and transcend to the next level.

On a world community level, we must listen to all that is going on around us and pay close attention to the messages vital to help one another exist, through harmony and humanity.  We are ALL being made to awaken, we are being called to order and the channels of higher-vibration will lead the masses.  After all we are all formations of energy; not separate but as one in this big universe!

It’s unclear as to how much more is to come as the Solar Flare Cycle continues and we are bombarded with continued magnetic activity in our Earth’s magnetosphere.  But the message is clear, Life is changing and we are transcending into a new order.


Pineal Gland & Conscious Life Expo in LA!


RAWking at Au Lac!!!


SunWarrior Smoothie


The Great Health Debate & IIN

Click here to register for the FREE LIVE HEALTH DEBATE!  Go to Integrative Nutrition for more info on the school and for personal assistance contact my friend Julie at ""!



Come to Costa Rica & B R E A T H In Health!

Join Psychic Dave Tillman, Clairvoyant to the stars, Kevin Fitzgerald, Author, Life Coach & Travel Guru along with me Carolyn Marie on a Sacred Journey of a Life-Time!

After watching the video, click on link above for details! 


HealingNRG announces their first Healing Journey!


Click on the link above for details!

Holiday Show Today in Huntington Beach!

Hi Everyone!  

Are you doing a little holiday shopping this weekend?  

Or are you looking to be around healthy, happy people with good information spreading Holiday Cheer?

Come out and see us today at the Living Temple in Huntington Beach!  

Learn all about my recent trip to Egypt where I visited many sacred sites and temples including the Great Pyramid of Giza!  I'll have photos along with items for sale at the event.  Learn about the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.  

You can even pick up one of the limited sterling silver Flower of Life pendants, earrings & bracelets I brought back from Cairo.  We'll also have hand made Egyptian Cotton Artisian Bags.  Stop by and sample 180-200 year old Egyptian oils & Ann Marie's Wild Crafted Skin Care Line!

The event starts at 11am and goes until 6pm TODAY!

The Living Temple

Dave The RAW FOOD TRUCK DRIVER a Year Later! Part 2

Dave The RAW FOOD TRUCK DRIVER a Year Later! Part 1

Our interview w/Dave last year revealed he was still on one medication for his heart, although he was able to get off all other meds..  Eight weeks ago Dave suffered a heart attack and a stroke and speaks about this experience and where he’s at now!