Forward Expression In Movement!

When you move your body, you elevate more than just your heart rate; you lift your mood and boost energy level too. You become more playful and alive! And with your heightened spirit, your inner power grows also. This force, which you always possess, will allow you to consciously manifest your dreams into existence. [...]

Carolyn presents her NEW E-BOOK: Dying to Be Well

UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT FROM CAROLYN’S NEW E-BOOK: Dying to be Welll Carolyn is proud to present her own story in prose “DYING TO BE WELL – My Journey with Western Medicine – a Hard Pill to Swallow“. In it, Carolyn tells her story of her life and the complications that nearly [...]


What Do I Feed My Dogs?

Today I answer a common question I receive, “What do I feed my dogs!” Take a look. [...]

Slugs in Your Garden? No Problem! Just Get Em Drunk!!

Seriously!  The best, and most natural way, to combat slugs in the garden is to get them drunk.  Take a can of beer, pour it into a bowl and set it outside in the problem area at night.  Check in the morning.

You’ll be surprised at what you find.  I put a bowl in the [...]

How’s Your Water?

I get asked often to recommend different products to achieve wellness. Here’s one thing I recommend to really improve your health! [...]


Interview With Debbie Merrill Professional Athlete & Author as she discusses 

how to step-by-step transition to a fabulous vegetarian/vega/raw vegan diet, 

for living a life of vibrance, fitness and beauty at any age.