Carolyn presents her NEW E-BOOK: Dying to Be Well

UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT FROM CAROLYN’S NEW E-BOOK: Dying to be Welll Carolyn is proud to present her own story in prose “DYING TO BE WELL – My Journey with Western Medicine – a Hard Pill to Swallow“. In it, Carolyn tells her story of her life and the complications that nearly [...]

Dave The RAW FOOD TRUCK DRIVER a Year Later! Part 2

How’s Your Water?

I get asked often to recommend different products to achieve wellness. Here’s one thing I recommend to really improve your health! [...]

We Care Fasting Spa and Spiritual Retreat Center

Susana Belen discusses what motivated her to create a unique Cleansing-Fasting Spa and Spiritual Retreat Center in the desert. This creation is known as WeCare and I recently spent a week there! [...]


Interview With Debbie Merrill Professional Athlete & Author as she discusses 

how to step-by-step transition to a fabulous vegetarian/vega/raw vegan diet, 

for living a life of vibrance, fitness and beauty at any age.


Three Day Cleanse

Here's an informative video on how to prepare for a cleanse.   Also included is a basic three day cleanse.  Cleansing is an important component to higher health..  Feel free to contact me or Puma for additional info… [...]

Relationships and Toxins


As we cleanse our physical bodies it becomes more apparent how toxic our emotional bodies may be.  This may be formed by our own toxic thoughts and the associations we have allowed into our lives in the form of people, habits or activities.

Throughout my own healing journey I have learned [...]

The Importance of Detoxification

Happy New Year Everyone!  One of the most common New Years Resolutions is to loose weight and get fit.  While this is an admirable goal and one I share, it seems much more fitting (pun intended) to address the importance of detoxification.  With the tragic death of John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s son [...]