Satisfying A Sweet Tooth!

Who says healthy snacks have to taste “healthy”? We’ve made peace with our taste buds by whipping up a delectable snack that’s perfect for a heavenly weekend–a refreshing reward for the healthy mouth!

Check out Carolyn’s recipe for this decadent treat below. It contains Durian, which is known as the ”King of Fruits”–loaded with minerals, [...]

Seven Ways to Use Your Aloe

Carolyn’s healthy backyard aloe

1) Like a moisturizer. Whether you are acne-prone, suffer from dryness, more serious skin conditions like psoriasis or seborrhoea dermatitis or just after an effective oil-free moisturizer, give Aloe a go. It is a natural humectant, so it increases water retention in the skin, and helps calm irritation and inflammation [...]

Carolyn presents her NEW E-BOOK: Dying to Be Well

UPDATE: CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT FROM CAROLYN’S NEW E-BOOK: Dying to be Welll Carolyn is proud to present her own story in prose “DYING TO BE WELL – My Journey with Western Medicine – a Hard Pill to Swallow“. In it, Carolyn tells her story of her life and the complications that nearly [...]

RAWking at Au Lac!!!


Dave The RAW FOOD TRUCK DRIVER a Year Later! Part 2

Dave The RAW FOOD TRUCK DRIVER a Year Later! Part 1

Our interview w/Dave last year revealed he was still on one medication for his heart, although he was able to get off all other meds..  Eight weeks ago Dave suffered a heart attack and a stroke and speaks about this experience and where he’s at now!




Interview With Debbie Merrill Professional Athlete & Author as she discusses 

how to step-by-step transition to a fabulous vegetarian/vega/raw vegan diet, 

for living a life of vibrance, fitness and beauty at any age.