Turbo Sonic

Turbo Sonic is a whole body system that uses sound vibration technology

New Moon of Taurus and BEYONder!

Learn how the energies of the moon and specifically the new moon of Taurus can enhance your life… Beyonder Revolution, a master of energy, talks about how opening your mind to the possibilites! Beyonder is visually able to move objects with his hands through telekinesis and much more.


Mark Eisenhart Heals


Head to The Enchanted Lands ~ The Holy Lands!!!


11–11–11 Sacred Egypt & Israel




Did you Like Coco Puffs as a Kid?

I know I did!  We have a healthier alternative for you and your kids to enjoy.  It's called CACAO CRUNCH and it's delicious! 

Supercharged with the strength boosting properties of maca root, enriched with mineral-dense mesquite pod powder and vitalized with astragalus root and reishi mushroom, this lively combo will propel you into crunchy [...]

Guardians of The Garden

We're sharing the beauty that's available in a garden by showing the connection we're making in our small way.  We'd love to hear what your doing!!

Click on the link above for details!

The Great Health Debate & IIN

Click here http://bit.ly/eEE4Gu tor register for THE GREAT HEALTH DEBATE… We’re introducing a free online debate on different dietary theories beginning February 6th. You can take this further by attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s online program! Learn more @ “www.integrativenutrition.com”. Then email my friend “CoachJulia@integrativenutrition.com” who’ll happily answer all your questions personally! [...]

HealingNRG announces their first Healing Journey!

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The LIVING Temple!

The Living Temple ReOpens in Huntington Beach along side Good To Go Restaurant. This center is also home to Energetic Solutions and Sheevaun Moran one of the best energy healers around! Besides hosting amazing Mind Body Spirit lectures, The Living Temple & Good To Go Restaurant is having a Grand Opening Event October 2, 2010! [...]

Organic Gardening

In this episode we showcase organic gardening. Besides being chemical and pesticide free, organic produce is grown in highly mineralized soil. This produces mineral RICH food. Come with us as we visit Suzie’s Organic Farm in Imperial Beach, CA.

My apologies for the wind sound on the camera and the short clip, it was a beautiful [...]

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Healing Prayer for the Gulf

Right now, most of us have the predominantly angry emotion when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly we are justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr Emoto, himself, has proposed. Click through to the site for prayer! [...]

Nature’s PASSION For Healing!

What a gorgeous flower, don’t you agree? Nature is truly amazing! As I write you today I’m sipping a concoction of Green Matcha Tea, Passion Flower mixed with Organic Peppermint Honey! YUM!! This particular flower known as the Passion Flower is magical, medicinal and healing. [...]

Consciousness & The Environment!

We’re all interconnected. People – and the planet. This connection achieves it’s highest state through human consciousness. It’s our actions and consciousness that either maintain or disturb that natural balance of the Earth, environmentally and socially. [...]

Friendly Bacteria

Friendly bacteria is a natural enemy to combating candida! [...]

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Sweet Stuff


There’s much controversy around sugar and/or sweeteners these days. It can be quite frustrating trying to figure out what to believe.  Overindulging in sweet stuff can [...]

Requesting healing from the higher dimensions

It is possible to invoke healing from a meditative/prayer state.  This is a beautiful video that describes one way to activate this energy.  Have any of you tried this?  If so we'd love to hear your experience.


Coco Love Intimate Massage Oil

Dr. Barbara Woo introduces a non toxic, anti aging, edible intimate massage oil. [...]

Saint Patrick’s Day

Have a healthy Saint Patrick’s Day! [...]

Healthy Fast Food – Good To Go Restaurant

Sheevaun Moran discusses delicious, healthy fast food and how to get it. She also discusses mastering your energy. Check it out! [...]

Healthy Teeth – MRS 2000 and Ian Clark!

Ian Clark discusses the MRS 2000, specifically the probe and how it can help heal teeth and gums! [...]

Composting with Carolyn and Fransisco!

We discuss how composting made easy can enrich your soil and the quality of your garden. Mineralizing your plants & produce at home! [...]

Venus and The Healing Colors of LOVE!

As we approach Valentines Day let’s look at Venus the Goddess of Love and have some fun with colors and how they can work with healing emotions [...]

What’s Pranic Healing?

An interview with Daniel O’Hara, Senior Pranic Healing Instructor in Orange County, California. [...]

Estrogen Dominance in Women

Over the years I have experienced many of the symptoms that come with estrogen [...]

Dave The Raw Food Truck Driver Interview at Au Lac

Hi Everyone. Last Thursday was my birthday. Some friends and I celebrated by going to Au Lac (a gourmet raw food restaurant in Orange County). While there we ran into Dave The Raw Food Truck Driver who has lost over 200 pounds, cured himself from diabetes, colon cancer and kidney problems on the raw food diet. His story is so inspiring.. Take a listen and tell us what you think! [...]

The Importance of Vitamin B-12 and Naturopathy

Take a look at this interview with Dr. Nirvana, a naturapathic doctor in Newport Beach, California.  

Amazon Herb Company at Raw Spirit Festival Santa Barbara

Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs For Endometriosis

A recent study analyzing TCM (traditional chinese medicine) for the treatment of endometriosis found women taking hormonal treatments had more side effects than women taking [...]

How Do We Stay Safe From Heavy Metals?

Watch This Video NOW!

We all know what it’s like to be fragile. Eitheryou’ve felt emotionally fragile or your body’sbeen physically fragile. Whether it’s stress,sickness, depression, or tragedy…

You’ve been there.

What if you could fortify your total being: mind,body, heart, and spirit… so that you are trulyUNBREAKABLE and better yet: at the height ofhealth, happiness, and prosperity?

It’s [...]


Sea Vegetables Are Key To Hormonal Balance

Farrah Fawcett’s TV Cancer Documentary

Normally, I find these types of movies too emotionally painful to watch.  They churn many disturbing memories within my own battle with hospitals, surgery centers, ICU wards, specialist, drugs, pain, nausea, side effects, weakness, helplessness, [...]

Gua Sha For Removing Pain, Toxins and Anti-Aging

A couple weekends ago I attended the Best Weekend Ever in Anaheim.  Every time I attend a BWE I gain valuable health knowledge.  One technique in particular stood out during Dr. Cessar’s presentation. It’s called [...]

Healthier Food Choices For Our Pets

As we begin to scrutinize the food choices [...]


May 14th-20th Breath: Join Us for a wonderfully healing journey through Costa Rica.  Breathe in the magnificent life force that on this unique spot on our planet can offer.


Creating Sacred Space

Many of us neglect the importance of creating a special place, or many special places, in our living environment.  It’s crucial to our well being to have a space that brings us peace, tranquility and [...]