Daniel O'Hara

Carolyn Marie is one the sweetest and most caring people I know! Combine that with relentless a pursuit of healing wisdom from more modalities than I can count; she is nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Who better than to help some to recover from serious illness, than from a her, a person who picked up herself up and did it herself?!

Her events are fun, informative and filled with wonderful people!

- Daniel O’Hara, OCMeditationGroup.com

Having a counselor, a friend, a colleague, or any person that can serve as a positive support is absolutely essential. It is helpful to have ears outside of ourselves to hear the messages we speak. We can become used to playing negative tapes and thoughts in our own mind and even accept them as true just because we have heard them so many times. Just as a car needs a tune up, we can all use an adjustment at times.

My counseling sessions with Carolyn have served as a place to check in and share my feelings. My counselor has the ability to listen to my thoughts and concerns, to validate them, and to shift the focus onto what is good and what I am doing well. She has been a great support and encouragement during times of transition, growth, and change!

-Mika Roux, MA, HHC, IMST

Steve Factor

Carolyn Marie Solton is LOVE and LIGHT and has helped me find my passion, my career, my LIFE and I trust she can help you find yours!

Every time I see her, I smile. Her presence on the planet has helped so many and I am GRATEFUL to call her my friend.

She is most definitely PURE ENERGY!

- Steve Factor, AADP ~ Holistic Health Coach
Detoxification Specialist
Pure Energy Chef
Voted Best Raw Coach (Best of Raw Awards)

Carolyn’s absolute belief in me has touched my heart in ways that I hadn’t realized until today. This is profound in my mind because she has provided unconditional support and belief in me from day one, although she did not know me. Of course I have support from my family and friends who’ve known & loved me for years. Yet it took a near stranger to open my eyes, heart & psyche to new possibilities. It is through listening to Carolyn propose different ways in which I might create a career that I love and get monetary compensation for it, to boot, that has initiated other more positive, supportive internal conversations.

-Ms. Deanna Howard, MD OBGYN

Carolyn Marie is not only an amazing coach but she’s a survivor and that’s something I personally know a thing or two about.
This is why I invited her to speak at the International Day of Juice Feasting and asked her to participate in the DVD I was working on. Her story, tenacity, bravery, instinct and knowledge have turned her life and her health around for the better. She has the ability to inspire and change countless lives with her message and teachings. Anyone given the opportunity to work with this woman will find it a true blessing!

- Dave Conrardy ~ The Raw Food Trucker
Motivational Speaker and Life Coach

Carolyn, thank you for being such a powerful source of inspiration and support. Your sense of compassion, and light heartidness have made it easy for me to connect with and learn from. I especially appreciate your holistic approach, as it is helped remind me of the whole of my self in all areas of my life.

-Aphrodite Cynthia Hill


Carolyn has been a real inspiration to me spiritually, mentally and physically. 
With a huge fibroid I undertook healing my own self and now it is the size of a small orange instead of a large grapefruit. I enjoy my life and meals so much more than I ever did and I feel empowered to help others with goals reached that I have always dreamed of enjoying thebenefits about accomplishing for my self. I look forward to what other transformations will come of this for me and those who I love in the future! I am grateful Carolyn! You helped me to find my power center again with your brilliant loving soul.

-Thank YOU from the heart, Kristi Suzanne Wolfe

Carolyn Marie I first met in Cairo Egypt. It was there I learned of her courageous struggle with endometriosis and consequently with Western Medicine. We traveled through temples, pyramids and holy mountains. She explained this travel was a key component to her healing. I concur the journey was a transformative experience for us all.

Carolyn Marie’s natural approach of using whole foods, tonics and herbs, and her willingness to grow spiritually are apparent in her personal successes. Carolyn Marie clearly wasn’t meant to leave her physical body in that hospital in 2002. She has a mission; a mission she’s embracing!! If you’re blessed with an opportunity to learn from her, consider it as a true gift!

-Dr. Nisim John, MD

I had the pleasure working with Carolyn as my health counselor while I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Out of all of the profiles I read while needing to choose a health counselor there was something about Carolyn that made me feel “She’s the one for me.”

We had nine telephone sessions during which time I could discuss whatever I chose including, but not limited to, conversations about the school program; my own health issues; my fears and insecurities; and my successes. I always found Carolyn’s feedback incredibly helpful and supportive and after hanging up with her I felt energetic and revitalized. She made someexcellent suggestions regarding my health issues and I followed up on all of her recommendations – with great results.

Because of Carolyn’s educational background; her experience with her own health issues and her expertise in the area of health and healing, she would be an asset to anyone as their health counselor. Those who work with her will be the fortunate ones.

-Frandi Mars LCSW-C; CHHC; AADP

One of the many joys I experienced while taking the course at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition was to work with my health counselor, Carolyn Marie Solton.
She understood the ambivalence that one experiences while taking new ventures, and she was indeed a guiding light during all of those traveling months full of mishaps and expectations. Thank you, Carolyn for carrying me thru the journey, my sincere thanks for your invaluable support.

-Irma Jabali, Holistic Health Consultant

Working with Carolyn has been a God-send. Not only does she have an amazing knowledge about health and nutrition she has been blessed with the ability to really listen and delve into what is behind the ‘words’. Carolyn was encouraging even when I was struggling. One comment that still rings in my ears is ‘baby steps’. She also told me good nutrition was about adding things to my diet that my body needed, not taking things I enjoyed away. Carolyn told me that as I progressed and fed my body what it needed the desire for things that weren’t necessarily good for me would fall away and I am so happy to say that she was correct. I am discovering that finding new nutritious foods and recipes is actually fun.

-Claudia Summer