Are you ready to look and feel younger? Shed unwanted toxins and weight?

Do you seek more energy and stronger immunity? Want glowing skin, stronger nails, and fuller hair?

Are you looking for more natural alternatives to drugs and surgery? A way to ditch unhealthy habits and awful cravings?

Do you wish for a physical and emotional upgrade? To become a magnet for fulfilling and lasting connections?

Are you ready to boost your life to the next level and become the best that you can be?

Congratulations on initiating your journey toward optimum wellness and balance!

Guarantee your success with expert, intuitive, and close guidance from Carolyn Marie—miraculous healer, mindful nutritionist, and certified holistic coach.

Learn how to overcome personal challenges, make better decisions, and tap into higher consciousness in just 6 to 12 weeks:


♦ Receive insights on how to safely detoxify your body & normalize digestion to promote permanent weight loss

♦ Learn comprehensive nutrition that will help with healthy weight gain & your body's natural alignment

♦ Get tips on hormone balance that will benefit sleep, concentration, mood, energy and overall stamina

♦ Discover how to cleanse your liver & restore your gut flora

♦ Know the importance of natural spring water and where to get it

♦ Find simple & delicious plant-based recipes that will alkalize your diet & recharge your vigor

♦ Uncover how relationship challenges are true blessing & learn how to shift your life into lasting fulfillment

♦ Liberate from pain with energy healing, a non-touch Pranic Healing practice

♦ Maintain emotional & spiritual support with Carolyn's wealth of knowledge & intuition

Six weeks or twelve weeks, it's your choice:

At times we shall work weekly, at other times, every two weeks.
Allowances are made for vacations, sickness and business trips for either party.


Four 1-hour private coaching sessions via phone or Skype

✔ Meal Planning (optional)

✔ Complimentary handouts and book rentals

✔ E-mail support between sessions


Twelve 1-hour private coaching sessions via phone or Skype

Three Energy Healing sessions ($600 value) targeting multiple needs

VIP discounts on other HealingNRG services & products

✔ Meal Planning (optional)

✔ Complimentary handouts and book rentals

✔ E-mail support between sessions

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Carolyn Marie

Carolyn also offers a Breakthrough Consultation. Contact us to find out how Carolyn can help you achieve your personal goals!

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Here's to your health and happiness!

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